There are many questions when it comes to sunrooms.  The name creates images of wide open spaces and amazing lighted areas of your home.  This is true, and many people get a sunroom to really open up a small space, however, there are other reasons to get a sunroom.

For many people, sunrooms in Columbia, SC are used to get closer to nature.  Typically a home with a wall facing a wooded area or an area that gets a good amount of sun at a particular time of day is the reason for getting a sunroom. 

Sunrooms are used for main gathering places in the home.  We want to have a large open area because the rest of the home is off limits to guests, and we want them to feel at home.  A sunroom is also used as a place to relax and unwind.  After a stressful day at work or school, it is nice to have a place that is open but private.

sunrooms in Columbia, SC

Celebrate holidays

Another great reason is to celebrate holidays.  Holidays such as thanksgiving, Christmas and others are great times for family to get together and spend time together.  Typically, this is done in the home of the family member that has the most space.  With a sunroom, you can have a lot of space and still enjoy the views of the outside.

Great mudrooms

If you have kids, these sunrooms can become mudrooms.  Basically, they will have access to the outdoors and the floor is made of wood or tile.  This will help keep the rest of your home clean. 

Enclosed a pool

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, considering turning your outdoor pool into an indoor pool can be done with the installation of a sunroom.  This way you can use the pool all year round and still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.