The legal process can be complicated and confusing for most people.  When we look at the different people that we have involved in a single case, you can imagine why some situations take so long to get to court and can be really expensive to prosecute or defend.

For those in the judicial game, bail bonds is a process that helps those involved to keep the process flowing.  For without bailbonds cleveland companies like Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds, people would be sitting in jail for a long time, clogging up the system and preventing the process from moving forward.

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Police Officer

The police officer is the person who spots or investigates a crime.  The police officer will look at the situation, determine if someone is suspected of a crime and then arrests them.  Once they are arrested they will go to jail where they will continue the process.


The judge is the person who will ultimately determine by the evidence presented if you are innocent or guilty.  Once you are arrested by the police officer you will go in front of the judge who will determine if there is enough evidence to hold you for trial.  If they do, then they will place a bond on you.  This bond needs to be met in order to allow you out of jail.


The bondman is a person who will vouch for you with the judge when you have a bond.  The bondsman will collect a fee from you which is part of the issued bond.  If you go to trial then the bond is satisfied.  If you don’t go to trial, then the bond is forfeit and they will come after you to collect what they are out.


The lawyer is someone who will represent you and who will represent the other party.  It is their job to present the evidence and argue their side of the case.

Together with other people in the legal system this process is used to determine how the events of your trail go forward and are concluded.