Boxing is a great sport that if you have the inclination get into.  Many people think that boxing is violent and should be outlawed.  However, boxing helps to create a wide range of skills and social interaction.  What benefits can you look forward to if you participate in boxing classes near me?

Building strength

You have to be strong to be a boxer.  You need to have good leg strength and you need to have good upper body strength.  It is going to serve you well in the sport in many different ways. 

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One of the best things that boxing will do is help you improve your reflexes.  If you can move quickly and if you are able to anticipate where a punch is going to come from, then you can move before it gets there and can be implementing your counter punch.

Building relationships

Boxing is a team sport even though you do it alone.  You need to build relationships with your coaches, others who may be boxing with you and other players.  These relationships will help you build friendships and friendly competition.

Wear protective gear

You want to wear protective gear.  Helmets are not typically worn in boxing, but they should be.  When you get hit in the head you need to have some form of protection.  Damage from brain injuries and even neck injuries are common in boxing.

Stay fit and alert

You want to stay fit, alert and enhance your skills.  Stay away from drugs, alcohol and other substances that could cause you to get injured or injure other people.

Stay focused

It is important that you stay focused.  If you lose your focus and try to win at all cost, you could do damage to yourself or other players.  Understand that this is a sport over all else.  Failure to remember this can turn a good experience into something twisted and violent.