Prospective Families

Why Choose St. Cecilia?

Ask a group of St. Cecilia parents this question, and their responses range from the strong curriculum to the caring teachers to the Catholic foundation instilled in the students. They say things like:

Leadership. Acceptance. Friendships. Achievements. Faith.

We have a curriculum that encourages children to become life-long learners, extracurriculars that encourage teamwork, and a long-time staff that is dedicated to inspiring tomorrow’s generation. Read on for more reasons, put together by St. Cecilia parents and staff, why you should consider choosing St. Cecilia School for your child’s education.

  • We embrace plurality of culture and creed, as Jesus taught. Diversity is prized at St. Cecilia. An inclusive approach and attitude – in both students and teachers – are a part of who we are.
  • We have a stable, committed, and nurturing community of staff. Nearly half of our teachers have advanced degrees. With an average tenure of 13.5 years, teachers at St. Cecilia choose to teach at our school longer than at most schools. This means teachers watch the students grow, teach their younger siblings, and have established relationships with the students’ parents. To say the least, they are dedicated.
  • We foster leadership, respect, and empathy together. These values are taught through both in-school activities and extracurriculars – including our long-standing Buddy System and our popular Service Club – as well as incorporated into daily classroom teachings. It is our way of life.
  • We highly value service to and involvement with each other and beyond the walls of the school. This is not only evident through our peer tutoring program and our popular Service Club, but it also shows in the day-to-day interactions between students and teachers. It is both encouraged and embraced.
  • We individualize our students’ education. Students at St. Cecilia receive individual attention. With one class per grade, an average class size of 20, and an average student to teacher ratio of 18 to 1, students won’t “fall through the cracks” at St. Cecilia.

Come take a tour and get a feel for what we’re all about at St. Cecilia School.