Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Third Grade - Ms. Jackson
Math: Workbook pg. 179

Fourth Grade
Religion (Tillery):
Language Arts (Zimmerman): Spelling in context
Social Studies (Zimmerman): None
Science (Sanvido): Finish lab sheet
Math (Sanvido): Study ray, point, line, line segment;
Math (Musselman): None

Fifth Grade
Religion (Tillery): 
English (Zimmerman): Vocabulary 84 & 85; Test tomorrow
Reading (Zimmerman): None
Social Studies (Tillery): 
Science (Sanvido): Finish lab sheet
Math (Musselman): Worksheet on dividing decimals - choose 6 problems
Math (Sanvido): Volume worksheet; Math 4 Today #28;

Sixth Grade
Religion (Musselman): None
English (Tillery): 
Reading (Tillery): 
Social Studies (Weisenborn): 
Science (M Dorato): 
Math (Martin): Formula quiz tomorrow; Finish worksheet
Math (Sanvido): Study to finish 8.5-8.7 test

Seventh Grade
Religion (Martin): None
English (M Dorato): Vocabulary test Friday
Reading (M Dorato): 
Social Studies (Weisenborn): 
Science (M Dorato): Unit 6 test tomorrow
Math (Martin): Finish probability packets
Math (Poux): Percentage worksheet

Eighth Grade
Religion (Martin): Submit outlines by Friday
English (Goedde):
Reading (Goedde):
Social Studies (Weisenborn): Study!  Test Monday
Science (M Dorato): 
Math (Poux): Khan Academy assignment in Google Classroom - Must complete 5 questions in a row correctly or 40 sustained minutes whichever comes first
Math (Martin): Finish vocabulary chapter 9

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